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Private discord community

It’s like your digital coworking space, with freelancers and remote workers just like you. Connect with fellow independent professionals, share insights, seek advice, and celebrate successes together.


Weekly community meeting

Share your wins, discuss challenges, and get the support you need to keep moving forward. Together, we’ll ensure that every week counts towards your growth journey.


Indepth workshop with experts

From insider insights to hands-on guidance, these workshops are your ticket to career supercharge. It’s not just learning; it’s soaking up wisdom from the experts.


Community challenges

Our challenges are all about career growth. We’ve had different challenges from personal growth, to LinkedIn growth. You can join at any time and smash your goals with other professionals like you.


Study groups & book clubs

Dive deep into knowledge with our study and book clubs. Every 2 weeks, we pick a new book to dissect and we share ideas and perspectives.


Exclusive resources

We have a notion page with curated collection of resources tailored specifically to help you thrive in your career journey. From strategies to templates, videos to expert interviews, we have everything you need.

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Joining this community has significantly benefited my career. I have secured my first international job, gained access to unique resources, met like-minded individuals, received mentorship, and improved my writing skills. The community also provided valuable LinkedIn resources, resulting in my increased followers and impressions.
Daniella Chris
I joined the Career & Growth Hub as a freelancer looking to expand my client base and refine my skills. Little did I know, I'd find a supportive network of fellow freelancers who've become like family to me. The accountability partners have kept me on track, the workshops have provided me with valuable insights. Thank you so much Adeife!
Tamilore Adeoye
Joining the community was a game-changer for me. In just two months, I saw a remarkable transformation in my LinkedIn presence. Not only did I receive inbound leads, I also expanded my network from a mere 5 connections to over 500. The community provided invaluable resources that significantly enhanced my content writing skills.
Precious Suleiman

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As a member, you’ll gain access to valuable networking opportunities, resources for skill enhancement, and exclusive insights to propel your career and personal growth to new heights.

Explore our resource library filled with articles, (freelancing essentials, upwork for beginners, work-life balance) guides ( how to get clients, LinkedIn tips and strategies) and tools (must have apps, useful websites)etc designed to empower you with both professional and personal skills needed for success in your industry.

We offer flexible payment plans to suit your preferences. Choose from monthly, annual or one-off plans. For monthly – you pay #5000, for one year – #50,000, and for full access forever, you pay #150,000.

Sure we do. We invite industry experts from various fields to provide valuable knowledge , tips and networking opportunities for our members

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